PC Dialer

Regular Pc2Phone Dialer

Pc2Phone dialer is a softphone communicator enabling voice calls over IP. Quick installation and instant activation. You can use our pc2phone dialer with any soft switch. We also offering white label branding. So get a pc2phone dialer with your brand name and logo.

  • Based on SIP protocol and allows Voice calls
  • Actual balance information
  • Actual rate and call maximum duration for the dialed number
  • Information on the maximum duration for the call.
  • Connection timer.
  • Information on the last call cost.
  • Phone book stored on the server side or locally.

Anti Block PC Dialer

Our Anti Block PC Dialer is best solution for using pc2phone from block area(eg. UAE). It works with low bandwidth with high quality voice...

  • High quality VOIP calls using PC.
  • Complete Relay Server Based Solution
  • Works on any licensed VPS, Cracked VPS or any other VOIP systems
  • Very small size. Uses G729. Uses Encryption/decryption Technology..
  • Very effective Middle East Antiblock features using our anti blocking Technology.

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