Multiprotocol VoIP Transit Softswitch II

MVTS II (Multiprotocol VoIP Transit Softswitch II) is an effective combination of a carrier-grade transit softswitch, billing system, unmatched routing engine, and border controller, a 4-in1 product, reliable and easy-to-use, that makes successful VoIP wholesale business possible.

  • Advanced Real-time routing/Least Cost Routing/Quality-based routing
  • Revenue protection capabilities
  • Integrated transcoding
  • Integrated pre-paid/postpaid billing
  • Automated invoicing
  • ENUM-enabled routing, Inter/Intrastate routing and LNP*
  • SIP <-> H.323 support and codec conversion
  • Advanced debugging options
  • Multi-level partitioning of hosted deployments
  • Disconnect code mapping
  • Flexible number translation at different stages of routing through regular expressions

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